She said “SHE SHED!”

With a little imagination and some muscle power, you can take an eyesore
and turn it into something fabulous.

Turning a Ordinary Shed into a She ShedThis existing shed was planned for demolition and a new, larger shed was going to be built in its place. But after several very high estimates, I decided to put my imagination to work.

The shed had good bones so I decided to take the aesthetic avenue. Once the plan was in place, the renovation project started to take shape. Here are some basic steps to turning a plain building into an attractive SHE SHED.

Step 1:  Create a plan. Come up with your own idea of function and appearance. Choose a theme; beachy cabana, rustic cabin, cottage or your own unique style.

Step 2: Determine how much space is needed for storage. You may not really need the extra space after all. How would you know this? First, remove all the contents and sort. Determine what you need and donate the rest. You may be able to redirect items into another area; garage, or side of house. For example, I hung the 14’ alumiumum ladder on a fence out of view.  It not only saved a ton of space, it was so much easier to access.

Step 3:  Hire good help. Try a local handyman. Be sure to interview several people to ensure you’ll get licensed, qualified people to handle the job.  On this shed, we removed the barn door and replaced with a 32” man-door. Four windows were added for light, ventilation and of course, aesthetics. A 12” gable extension was added to the front end which made a dramatic difference.

After Redesign - She ShedStep 4: Organize the interior – Since I love to organize and find a place for every tool, I really enjoyed this step.  Start with large, bulky items and place in corners with easy access. Then I added plywood shelving to the rafters to store tall items such as umbrellas and poles. Hang garden tools on hooks under windows. My favorite gadget is a magnetic rail which is perfect for small metal tools.

Step 5:  Decorate – There are so many options in this area. I added features to make my shed look like a cottage with a window box, shaker shingles, and scalloped trim. An ordinary white steel door was transformed by painting with several colors using dry-brush shading techniques.  An old rusty doorknob and iron hinges made the door look old and rustic.

Step 6:  Landscaping. Plant a variety of colorful plants with varying heights. An iron fence with interwoven jasmine vines and irregular stepping stones gave this shed an English feel.

Overall this was a very enjoyable project saving me thousands of dollars. It’s still a storage shed but it has the “SHE SHED” look all over it. You can do this too with a little ambition and imagination.

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