Re-Design is all about creating a new look for a room and using what you already have! You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a new look. You may want to keep some items because you love them or keep them because your budget does not allow a replacement at this time. That comfy sofa or old recliner can stay! And we can show you how well it can blend in with your new look.

How We Do It

Together we will evaluate your room.  We will decide on the furniture that needs to stay in the room and perhaps exchange a few pieces from another room. Next I will design a new furniture layout. This may take a few tries before we get it just right. Then we accessorize with lighting, wall art, floor coverings and home decor. You can even choose a different color pallet with a few simple tricks.

The Finished Product

Once it is all pulled together, your family can now enjoy a completely re-designed room that is attractive and functional. It will reflect your own personality because you are using your own furnishings and accessories. This is the best service to create a dramatic look without the designer price. You will love your new space!


Consultation for DIY: We’ll meet with you and provide a written plan on fabulous ideas that can make a huge difference. Then, you, the homeowner completes this new look based on your time frame.

Half-day or Full-day Transformations: Whether it’s just a few rooms or whole house, you will love what Neat Nests can do to create a newly re-styled home.

Not sure what plan is best for you? Give us a call and we can determine which plan best suits your needs.

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