Want to make an impact on your walls? Selecting the right picture for each room and hanging it properly can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few quick Home Staging Tips to help you achieve a designer look for your walls.

Picture selection: Pictures are a great way to add character and color to a room. If you want to create a particular theme, choose frame material and the colors in the art based around that theme. If striving for a beach cottage theme for example, try a weathered-wood frame and seaside print. The wall art not only expresses the mood of a room, it serves to break up the empty wall space and give your room warmth as well.

How to hang art on walls: What you will need:  Hammer, picture nails (1.5” with large head is adequate), Picture hanging hardware kit, tape measurer and a pencil.

Hanging pictures and wall art at gallery height or eye level is the most appealing way to view art. The average horizontal center of wall art should be between 57” and 59” measure up from the floor. This should be a consistent measurement throughout each room. An exception to this rule would apply to a hallway or foyer. These are standing rooms and the art can be positioned slightly higher.

If you have a tall object like a floor lamp or window in one corner of the room, the useable wall space will be reduced. Anchor the art from one wall to the vertical object. Size of art should also be appropriate to the focal point and wall space. A too-small picture over a sofa will appear out of balance.  By drawing out your wall design on paper first will speed up the process and you will have a feel for balancing the art with the visual weight of your existing furnishings.

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