Once you’re in your new home, you’ll soon discover the work really begins. How will you be able to find those important items you need to function in the kitchen, bathroom or office and get on with your life?

Neat Nests can lessen the burden after transitioning into a new household with our Setup Service. By utilizing a furniture floor plan, you won’t need to be concerned with rearranging heavy pieces on your own after the movers leave. Feel confident you’ll be able to find your favorite frying pan or wine glasses. Don’t tumble over empty boxes.

Schedule an in—home consultation to learn how your family can function well shortly after your move. Together we’ll develop a customized plan that handles all the challenging areas of your home. Your to-do list and your stress level will be greatly reduced. Spend your vacation days on vacation and not work. Neat Nests offers several services that can help after the move.

  • Setup and organize a functional kitchen
  • Dispose of packing materials and boxes
  • Connect appliances (kitchen, clocks, and lamps)
  • Organize closets, garage, and kid’s playroomHang pictures and wall art
  • Hang window treatments
  • Design and decorate your new residence so it will feel like “home”
New Home Setup