Because moving can be such a massive undertaking, a series of blogs will be posted to help you manage and control your moving venture.

MOVING PREP – As soon as you know you will be moving into a new house or apartment, start planning! It is never too early to prepare. Time and effort put on the front side will save you struggles on the other side.


First, start by gathering supplies that you will need during the packing process. Store these supplies in one area like a corner of the garage, dry carport or large closet.

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Paper packing tape

  • Boxes – in all sizes. You can purchase moving supplies on line or pick up free boxes from grocery and liquor stores (flatten the boxes if your move is more than three months out)
  • Plastic grocery bags. These bags will be useful for cushions for inside boxes.
  • Tape–My recommendation is paper tape. It adheres to very well to boxes and tears easily. No dispenser necessary.
  • Thick black markers
  • White labels
  • Box knife


This can be quite the monumental task but if you break it down into steps, the whole family can assist with removing unwanted and unused items throughout the house.  If your move is well into the future, now is the best time to get control of this task.

Start in bedrooms. Remove any furniture that you will not be taking with you. Smaller pieces can be

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taken to charitable organizations. If you have larger pieces, Habitat for Humanity will take new and used furniture, house hold goods and even construction materials. To Schedule a free Pick-Up, go to or call 843-650-8815 ext. 8009.

Next, go through the drawers of the dressers and chests. Be generous with your donations. If you don’t wear it or even recall owning the item, you may not need it at all. Remember, the less you take with you, the easier the move will be. Then tackle the closets. Bring a large amount of clothes and other items out of the closet and set on the bed or other open area. Sort into three piles; DONATE, DISCARD, and KEEP. The Keeps can go back into the closet. The other two piles take to a designated area. The garage or covered outside area will work for this purpose. Repeat this process again until everything has been sorted from the closet.


Make regular trips to the local recycling center and donation center. Do not let items accumulate in the designated area and DO NOT brings these items back into the house.

Look for our next Moving Madness blog on Clever Packing Advice coming soon.

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