Downsizing or Transitioning to a new place takes proper advanced planning. Neat Nests can provide busy families and seniors with the extra help they need to coordinate this overwhelming task. We also specialize in Senior Transition!

Moving is a complicated and time consuming process.  It is a stressful and a disorganized process if you try to tackle it yourself. Each room can be daunting with the amount of hard work and time it takes to declutter, sort and pack.

Here are some things to consider when you plan to move or downsize:

Will you or your family be up to the task and will you have the necessary time to sort through, discard, sell off unwanted items and pack all your belongings? Will your furniture fit in your new home? Because your new home will be a different size and layout, will you be prepared to instruct the movers where to place the heavy items so they will not need to be moved twice?

Our service provides careful planning of the many unforeseen challenges you’ll be faced with during this transition.  We’ll meet with you prior to move and discuss your objectives and evaluate the necessary requirements.  We then prepare a detailed move plan, and execute the details. Good communication between homeowner and coordinator is essential to achieve greater success of the move plan.

Moving Coordination
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