Tips for Organizing your Kitchen Pantry

You have made the decision to organize your kitchen. Great! Plan to devote several hours to this project. Choose a day when you will not be interrupted. Your kitchen will be in disarray for some time until everything is back in its proper new place.

Start by gathering your supplies. You will need a large trash can with several liners. A few boxes, sticky notes, markers and labels. I use the brand Mr-Label White waterproof adhesive labels. They’re great for labeling plastic containers and shelves. Next, clear off a designated counter. Remove everything from that counter as this will be your work area.

Choose one area at a time to organize. By tackling just one area allows you to have a clear mindset. If your mind is on organizing the entire kitchen in a day, the task can seem overwhelming and you will lose your focus.

The Kitchen Pantry:

First, remove all items and set on the designated counter that you have cleared. Now give a quick cleaning to the shelves and floor of the pantry.

Kitchen Pantry OrganizationWith everything sitting on the counter, sort all like items and group together on the counter. All baking items in one area, and continue with canned vegetables, boxes of pastas and rice, and so on until you have several individual stacks. Start with one group and combine the half-used containers into one and toss the empty container. Be sure to look at expiration dates and toss anything that you feel has lost its flavor or unsafe to consume. Toss anything that you will not be using in the near future. If your pantry has acquired items that are not pantry related, set those items in a box. You will determine later if the pantry is really the best place to store it.

Place your sticky notes where each group will be placed in the pantry. You will need to determine if the available shelf space will be sufficient for that product. Utilize the shelves that are eye level for the items you use daily. Place holiday baking products on the top shelf since these items are used only occasionally. Have a fold-up step ladder nearby. After school snacks can be placed on lower shelves for safe access for kids.

Stack canned foods 2-high with labels facing outward. Label your plastic food containers and storage bins so you can retrieve items easily without searching.

Once you have invested some time into this project, you will have a better idea on how you may want to update and containerize your items. There is a long list of great products to help you store items so they are condensed and easy to spot on the shelves. Some of these items include: Plastic bins and baskets, lidded food storage containers, stackable bins, clear glass canisters, and tiered sliding basket organizers for floor of pantry.

Enjoy your new pantry because you have created a place for everything and everything is in its place!

You could even collaborate with a trusted professional organizer, like Neat Nest Designs to help make things go smoother.

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