“You know you have it, but you just can’t find it!”

Feeling disorganized? Crawling over the clutter?

Take our simple quiz to see if you may need some assistance.

  • Do you open every drawer to find just one item?
  • Can you find that warranty document for an appliance?
  • You want to return those shoes – do you know where the receipt is?
  • How quickly can you respond to medical emergencies? Pet emergencies?
  • Do you find yourself buying the same item over and over because you don’t know where you put it?

Organization is more about putting things in their place. It’s preparedness for life. Neat Nests develop systems for your challenging areas. A well-organized home is not only neat and orderly, but provides peace of mind knowing that you can handle everything and every situation. And when life throws us a punch, you will need to be prepared! Neat Nests can handle the job.

Senior citizens who are downsizing with too much stuff.

Chronic illnesses or a disability preventing accessing the daily necessities in the kitchen, bath or garage.

Demanding schedules that leave you with little time at home.

Large families that require some basic skills to get and stay organized.

Life events such as a new baby, wedding, passing of a loved one, relocation or even preparing for a vacation.

Busy Professionals – See Office Organizing Tab

How We Do It

I’ll meet with you in your home or office to determine your overall objective in getting organized. You may just need a neater look, better functionality in the kitchen, or finding the tools you need from the shed or garage. I will take the information you provide and come up with the right organizing method that provides more efficient living. Innovative organizational and storage supplies are optional but make life so much easier. We can always use the supplies you have on hand.

Pricing and Plans

Because each organizing project is unique, a one-hour free assessment in your home or business will be required to provide accurate pricing.

Plan A   Turnkey Project:  I’ll complete the project and provide all the necessary materials.

Plan B   Teamwork:   We’ll work together to achieve success

Plan C   DIY Report:   I provide homeowner with a detailed report on how to organize and declutter for one or more areas.

Plan D   Refresher:  A quarterly service that helps maintain organization in all areas of your busy life.

Neat Nests offers fair pricing and dependable service.