Color is one of the most expressive elements in designing a room. Color adds visual appeal to home décor just as flowers can add interest to an open field.

To create a mood in a room, you need to add color. The two essential moods expressed in color are warm and cool. So now you may ask how color is expressed in temperature. Imagine a bright, sunny day and what colors come to your mind? Yellow, orange or possibly shades of red because these colors are associated with warmth and heat. Perhaps the opposite is true when you think of cool colors. A crisp white winter’s day or the splashing of blue ocean waves gives you the sense of feeling cooler.

adding visual appeal to home décor with colorPantone Color Wheel

All whites are not the same. White is cool by nature but by adding a little yellow, warm white is the result. The same principal would apply to blue. Blues vary dramatically when mixing it with other colors. Add yellow to blue and you have created a warmer mood of blue-green.
Earth tones, which are related to the warm-mood colors, are found in the deep rich browns of earth’s soil and the reddish-brown colors of Arizona’s painted deserts.

modern monochromatic color scheme design

Modern Monochromatic Color Scheme . Image Source : Dmdesign

A monochromatic color scheme uses variations of a single color.

By applying lighter tones with those of more intensity to walls and furnishings, you will create a monochromatic color scheme that is elegant and soothing.

Tints and Shades. By adding white or black to a color, you are changing its value. Tints contain white so they are cooler than their pure colors. It lightens the original color. Shades are produced by adding black or dark brown to a hue. To mute a color means to tone it down. Muting reduces the intensity of the hue. To do this, add its complementary aka secondary color to the mix. Green is the complementary color of red as it is directly opposite on the color wheel.

When you study the fine distinctions of color mixing, you will soon develop a keen color sense. Whatever your color mood is, have fun and experiment with color.

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