Are You Considering Moving into A Smaller Home and Downsizing?

Sooner or later, most people will need to consider downsizing into a smaller home. You may now be living in the perfect house for you and your family but lifestyles change and those changes can come quickly. A professional organizer can help your move go smoother in an organized fashion. That’s why it pays to team up with an experienced person who knows how to make this process easier for you, especially if you are a Senior Transitioning into a smaller space.

When the kids go to college or find their own place, you may be left with some empty rooms. Or you may need to eliminate stairs and want a home with a master suite on the first floor. You may want to cut expenses such as utility bills, taxes, and HOA’s. There are a multitude of reasons why a smaller home can be more desirable.

Once you can visualize the benefits of downsizing into a smaller home, start planning on what you want to keep and what items you no longer find useful. Planning out 6 months or longer is a great idea. The more time you have to decide about your what you will discard, the easier the move.

Here’s a 4 helpful tips for you to consider as you move into a smaller home or assisted living:

  1. Hold off on major purchases. Items such as furniture, lawn equipment or bulk purchases can take up a lot of space and your new smaller home may not be able to accommodate everything. Buy only what you can consume within a 30 day or less period. It’s amazing how quickly these items can accumulate.
  2. Keep a daily mindset.  Whenever you go into an area of your house such as the closet, pantry, garage, or shed; be cognizant about what you see. Make a mental note on what of the items you can part with now. It’s best if you are able to move unwanted items out of that area before the move. Plan for a designated area to place these items such as a corner of the garage, or stack in boxes out of the way.
  3. Donate. Be willing to donate items to charitable organizations. You can improve the lives of others in need by being generous with your unwanted items.
  4. Get everyone involved in your effort to downsize. Let your children choose what items they wish to keep and what items to give away. Place these items in an area of the bedroom or closet until you have accumulated enough to donate. For items that can be discarded, take them out for trash day.
  5. Sorting the items. Purchase some brightly colored sticky notes. Place the same color for each category; Discard, Donate, Giveaway, Yard Sale. When you have a significate number of items in each category, start the process of moving these items out of the house.

If you are disorganized so simply have too much stuff, consider hiring a professional organizer. An experienced organizer is a practical idea and a great time saver as she can quickly assess the job and come up with an efficient plan to make this daunting task manageable. It will take away a lot of stress for people with busy schedules. People with disabilities or the elderly would greatly benefit from hiring someone with this type of experience as it will help immensely in the move process down the line.

Adjusting to your smaller home will take some time until you feel it really is “home”. But in time, this will happen. Getting to know your new neighbors, joining local activities and find a weekly routine are all positive things you can strive to obtain. You should also feel much relief not having to maintain a large house and yard. You will be able to spend your time on things you enjoy instead of things you must do. Downsizing really is a great thing!

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